House Rules

We’re using the Labyrinth Lord rules, with some complexity courtesy of Swords and Wizardry; plus some home-brewed complications.

  • 4d6 drop lowest for Attributes. Roll in order (STR, INT, WIS, DEX, CON, CHA)
  • Max HP at level 1. Every PC starts with a Retainer (see CHA for morale), that earns ½ share of Gold and XP.
  • Elves use the Druid spell list
  • Clerics with WIS 13+ get an extra spell slot for cure light wounds. Clerics can only use weapons of brass (so no edges or points)
  • Fighters can do double damage, or get another free attack on a critical hit. They also get a +1 Attack Bonus at levels 1-2 (and a +2 bonus starting at level 3).
  • Magic Users with INT 13+ get an extra spell slot for Read Magic or Detect Magic. Magic Users can use light crossbows.
  • Replacing Thieves with Rogues (who use a simplified Thief Ability Table, and the Abilities are d20 based, as Saving throws).
  • We use XP bonuses from Swords and Wizardry
  • XP from defeating enemies is the same. XP from treasure is only for treasure spent on training or donated to a campaign faction.
  • We allow dual classing (once) at odd numbered levels. For hit points, roll total hit points for new class at every level. When it exceeds to total for your previous class, use that number, and switch to the new class normal HP gain per level.
  • We use “Saving Throw” from Swords and Wizardry
  • We use Combat Order from Swords and Wizardry
  • We use Ascending Armor class from Swords and Wizardry
  • We use custom coin values and weights
  • For every class, a hit on a natural 20 does maximum damage (or a hit when it would otherwise be a miss). For fighters, see above rule for Fighters. A natural 1 indicates a poor quality weapon is destroyed, or the attacker is -2 to hit and +2 to be hit until they take a round to recover.
  • Targets of an attack receive a temporary +2 bonus to AAC against attackers who fail to include the target and the weapon used in the attack declaration.
  • If you’re armored but not wearing a helmet, any hits against you are critical hits on a 19 (that hits your AAC), or a 20 (whether or not this hits your AAC).
  • Adventures scale in difficulty to the number of players. If we’re down three characters, things get easier. If we’re at max capacity, things get harder.

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