New Inventory Item: Naptha

Oil flasks are effective weapons, which do 1d8 hit points of damage. The oil flasks must be either lit on fire and thrown, or poured on the ground and lit. Damage is done to any character or monster struck by the bottles, or moving through oil that is burning on the ground. Damage from thrown oil is dealt for two rounds, after which the oil has burned out and trickled off of the target. Oil that is poured on the ground can cover a diameter of 3 feet and burns for a full turn. Fire from oil does not cause damage to monsters that have a natural flame attack. However, burning oil does full damage to most undead creatures, except it deals half damage to wights…

Missile Weapon Ranges: Short (up to 10′), Medium (up to 30′), Long (Up to 50′)

Cost (1 pint flask): 1 SP, Weight 1 lb.

Labyrinth Lord

Naptha, or “Arabian Fire” takes the place of the combat uses of lantern oil that Labyrinth Lord specifically, and OSR D&D generally, enumerates. Specifically, as primitive incendiary grenades. Naptha costs six Obols (6 OC), and otherwise behaves exactly as “Oil Flasks” are described as missile weapons. Lantern oil can not be used effectively as a weapon in combat.

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