Clerics and “Reversible” Spells

Some spells are reversible, and this will be indicated for each spell. For magic-users and elves, the reverse of a spell is considered a different spell, so that all spell casters must memorize the specific form of the spell ahead of time. A magic-user or elf may memorize both forms of a spell. A cleric can use either form of a spell without having to pray for the different versions separately, but the Labyrinth Lord may limit this to some degree if a reversed spell is against the beliefs of the cleric’s god. A cleric may draw dissatisfaction from his god if he casts versions of spells that have effects that go against his alignment.

Labyrinth Lord

Not exactly. There are noof Balance” or “of Chaos” clerics, only those “of Law”(1). The reversed versions of the Cleric spells form the basis of the Necromancer spell lists, in addition to the Animate Dead (3rd level) spell. Clerics do not have the ability or option to cast these spells, much less risk the displeasure of their pantheon should they do so.

Further, a number of cleric spells have been added or moved to the Druid spell list.

  1. Also, Clerics of Law do not serve individual deities, rather the entire pantheon of 1,000+ Mesopotamian gods. But that doesn’t directly impact the nature of this rule.

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