Ability Checks

Sometimes the Labyrinth Lord might allow tests against abilities instead of saving throws determine if a character either succeeds in a task or escapes a danger. For example, DEX might be used to jump over a pit or STR might be used to push an object. The player rolls 1d20, and if the result is greater than the ability, the roll fails. If the roll is less than or equal to the ability, the roll succeeds. Bonuses or penalties to the roll can be applied, with a bonus of -4 being a relatively easy ability check, and +4 being very difficult. Of course, any modifier between these extremes can by applied. A result of 1 is always a success, and 20 is always a failure.

Labyrinth Lord

Not exactly. Start with the single Saving Throw, determined by class and level. Apply a modifier to your roll equal to the relevant Character Ability (STR, INT, DEX, WIS, CON, CHA).

For example, say you need to jump over a pit. Roll 1d20 against your Saving Throw value (say, 15), and add your DEX modifier (say, +1 for a DEX between 13 and 15). If your total value meets or exceeds 15 (your Saving Throw Value), you succeed.

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