Carrying Capacity and Encumbrance

This is an optional rule, and is used if the Labyrinth Lord wants to make sure characters carry more realistic weights. It is important to keep track of how much weight characters are carrying, because they can only haul so much treasure from a labyrinth, and if they are heavily weighed down they cannot move as fast. Encumbrance is measured in pounds, and is calculated based on adding the weights of all significant items carried, including weapons and armor. The maximum any character can carry is 160 pounds. Character speed will be affected based on encumbrance. Refer to the Movement and Encumbrance Table.

Labyrinth Lord, Section Four, “Carrying Capacity and Encumbrance”

We modify the base carrying rates by the Constitution (CON) Ability Modifier (10 pounds per point of bonus). It’s not like CON is particularly used for anything else besides hit points. So:

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