Cleric Spell List, part two

(see also

In addition to not having access to reversible spells, clerics of the Mesopotamian Pantheon (which is to say, all clerics) do not have access to the following spells, which are moved to the Druid Spell List:

Level Two:

  • Snake Charm
  • Speak with Animal

Level Three:

  • Animal Growth

Level Four:

  • Speak with Plants
  • Sticks to Snakes

Level Five:

  • Insect Plague

Level Six:

  • Conjure Animal
  • Find the Path
  • Stone Tell

Level Seven:

  • Wind Walk

Note that Necromancers do not lose their ability to cast the reverse of any of these spells (as applicable), and that I’m working on replacement spells for these losses, especially the Level Six spells which have been particularly hollowed-out.

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