How much is that magic item worth?

Totally adapted from a different version of D&D.


This uses the Minor, Medium, Major labels for magic treasure from Swords and Wizardry, but what kind of deranged lunatic starts all there class headings with the same letter? Madness. Also, while the “Creation Cost” is broken out in terms of coin, the Value for finished items is not, to discourage the assumption that shops exist that would have several multiples of that amount of coin on hand. But for giving me a ballpark for barter, this should at least give me a framework. And it uses a subjective enough scale that if I want to decide that a +1 shortsword is an uncommon minor magic item for first level characters, but by the time they hit fourth level it’ll be common, that’s easy enough to implement.

But it also lets me say that a healing potion is the most common and trivial magic item there is, and let starting characters purchase them a 75 SC a pop.

One thought on “How much is that magic item worth?

  1. “A tonic to cure sickness or a magical trinket for a domestic convenience is all fine and good, and even a temple selling services has to answer to their god,” said Yargol. “Why would you want common stores selling dangerous magical power to whoever coughs up enough gold? Then you have random idiots walking around with deadly weapons far out of proportion to their intelligence or maturity. That’s a recipe for disaster.”


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