House Rule

Helmet 10 gp, (AAC) N/A, 5 lb.

Labyrinth Lord

Why in Neo-Otyugh’s name would you lug around 5 pounds worth of equipment you didn’t have to? Let alone another 10 gp (10 Sigloi for those of us on the silver standard) armor tax? Helmets don’t give you an armor bonus, and you don’t take an armor penalty when you’re not wearing them. Which may, admittedly, why Swords & Wizardry doesn’t even bother.

So, here’s a completely optional house rule for folks who want to go through the trouble of lugging them around. Feel free to ignore if that’s not you.

  1. All armor types (save “unarmored”) include an appropriate cap or coif. This is included in the AAC, included in the weight, included in the cost.
  2. If you want to buy a “great helm”, that’s another 10 SC / 5 pounds of “there goes my movement rate”.
    1. If you’re wearing a great helm, subtract one point of damage from any critical hits inflicted against you that are based on physical damage.
    2. If you’re wearing a great helm, you automatically fail any listen checks.
    3. Great helms don’t affect your chance to be surprised, but it was definitely considered.
    4. Clerics, Fighters, and Dwarves may wear great helms.

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