Challenge Levels and Attack Bonus

Challenge LevelXP Value
A (1d4 hit points or less)5
B (1d6 hit points)10

After giving it some thought, and a village full of Level 0 Fighting Men for a murder of Kobolds to chew through, I’ve decided to make my adventurer’s lives a bit easier (not to mention longer).

Specifically, I’m changing this bit:

Hit Dice (HD) is the number of dice (d8) rolled to determine an individual creature’s hit points. If there is a plus or minus next to the number, you add or subtract that number from the total, only once. For example: for a creature with 4+1 hit dice, you’d roll 4d8, and then add one more hit point. Note: in Swords & Wizardry, the monster’s normal “to-hit” bonus is equal to its number of hit dice (capped at +15). A monster with 3 HD attacks with a +3 bonus to its roll on the “to-hit” chart.

– Swords and Wizardry

For full 1HD CL1 monsters, yeah, +1 to hit. But Challenge Level A get a net -1, and Challenge Level B get +0. You’ll notice something similar already in place for Saving Throws – a difference between 1HD and less than 1 full HD monsters.

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