Fighters, now with more horsepower.

Well, not horsepower, exactly. Although I’m sure a cavalry post is advancing than less than a full gallop. No, this is a post about the dreaded “power-levelling”. Lots of folks don’t give clerics spells at first level. I do (I also sincerely don’t understand the traditional antipathy towards clerics, but that’s an issue for a later date). Some folks give thieves rogues piss-poor fighting ability, equal to magic-users. Not me, they get cleric attack bonuses.

But, you know what? Most folks also don’t give Fighters an attack bonus until they hit third or fourth level*. Heck with that. Magic-users get a first level spell at first level, a second level spell at third level, etc. First and second level fighters should get some love, too. So now they get a +1 attack bonus.

You’re welcome, starting adventurers.

* I mean, BFRPG does, which is keen. But they give everyone except level 0 suckas a +1 attack bonus at first level, and then raised everyone AC by one level, so it’s not like it practically is a bonus at all.

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