Morale, Again

Talked about this before. No morale values in Swords and Wizardry. No morale rules, either, besides “discretion”. Here’s a table from Labyrinth Lord:

Labyrinth Lord, p. 47

In short, rule 2d6, and if you get higher than the Base Morale (+charisma modifier of the leader), your side breaks. And every monster has it’s own assigned morale value, too.


Perilous Paths Morale Rules

Make a Saving Throw against how fearless your mooks are:

  • 14 – Natural Creatures, untrained human
  • 10 – Aggressive Creatures, Barbarians & Brutes
  • 07 – Monsters, Professional Warriors
  • 05 – Chaos-blood Monsters, Cavalry and Elite Warriors
  • 02 – Fanatics and Zealots

If they Save vs. fear (“/common sense”), they stay and fight. On a tie, they’ll probably start looking to make a cautious exit. On a failure, they rout (which is a great way to get RSVP for a slaughter).

Modifiers and recurrence specifications to follow.

Note to self: Add a column to the Monster Reaction Table to modify initial morale depending on how invested the encounter is in starting some trouble.

Note to self, 2: Don’t forget to hand out partial XP when the players force the enemy to rout.

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