House Rule Helmet 10 gp, (AAC) N/A, 5 lb. Labyrinth Lord Why in Neo-Otyugh’s name would you lug around 5 pounds worth of equipment you didn’t have to? Let alone another 10 gp (10 Sigloi for those of us on the silver standard) armor tax? Helmets don’t give you an armor bonus, and you don’t take an armor penalty when you’re not wearing them. Which … Continue reading Helmets

Cover and the Half-assed Attack

House Rule Targets of an attack receive a temporary +2 bonus to AAC against attackers who fail to include the target and the weapon used in the attack declaration. This bonus only applies to the attack in question, and is not retroactive…if the attacks gets as far as damage roll before anyone notices a target was eligible, it’s too late to apply it. PCs and … Continue reading Cover and the Half-assed Attack

More Touch

Rules as Written: You need to be within 5 feet (melee engagement range) of your target to cast a spell with a range of “Touch”. First rule elaboration: You need a successful attack roll against AAC 10 in order to successfully touch an opponent in combat (to use a Touch ranged spell against an unwilling target). Rules Discussion: Do you need an empty hand in … Continue reading More Touch

Surprise, Initiative, Surprise Intitiative

In the same way that we roll initiative by class (all the Fighters, all the Rogues, etc… lowest DEX modifier applies), we roll surprise checks by class as well. 1d6, with surprise on 1-2. Minimizes the really bad days the adventurers have, because let’s face it…they’re carrying light sources, so they’re never surprising monsters underground. Continue reading Surprise, Initiative, Surprise Intitiative


You can do a “fighting retreat” if engaged at melee range You must move 180 degrees away from your current facing, and only move up to half your movement rate, and you have to move in a straight, non-diagonal line; there can’t be anything blocking your path, including friendlies. A fighting retreat does not trigger opportunity attacks, A fighting retreat still allows you get an … Continue reading Retreat

Opportunity Attacks

Once you’ve reached engagement distance (5′, 10′ if they have a weapon with reach), if you attempt to disengage (or move through) an opponent as part of your movement phase, they gain the opportunity to make a free attack against you at that point (out of sequence). They gain +2 to hit, and you don’t get any applicable AAC bonus from a shield. This does not count as their action when they get to their melee phase. Continue reading Opportunity Attacks

Expanded Combat Options

Two-weapon Fighting and Two-handed Weapons

Just as shields improve armor class by 1, fighting two-handed grants a +1 to damage rolls (except for weapons that can only be used two-handed, where this is already taken into account in the weapon’s damage), and fighting with a weapon in each hand gives a +1 to hit, but only in rounds in which the attacker won the initiative roll. (Note that fighting with two weapons does not actually give two separate attacks; it just increases the likelihood of landing a successful blow.) Continue reading Expanded Combat Options