Emain Ablach Session Four

Previously on Day Nine:

…the sleeping quarters for upwards of fifty kobolds, eight of whom are still in residence. They prove a weak enough threat that though outnumbered, the heroes defeat all eight without taking any casualties of their own. As the adventurers begin to more closely examine their surroundings, the mighty war horn (‘a warbling, tinny sounding bugle”) sounds to the west, the direction of the main cavern.


It is the third hour of the first Day Watch. The adventurers have enough time to assume a defensive formation in the confines of the tunnel leading to the sleeping quarters. A group of kobolds and kobold warriors is preceded by a furry wave of savage albino war ferrets. Thanks to superior positioning, they are defeated quickly and safely. The limitations of warfare by torchlight unfortunately means that one or more of the kobold combatants may have broken off and retreated into the darkness of the cavern before they were ever engaged in combat, and lived to fight another day.

Some of the fallen kobolds are looted of valuables (some are not), some of the shallow sleeping pits of the kobolds are investigated (most are not) and a circuit of this pocket cave are completed to verify there isn’t an additional obvious exit (there is not). Over the next few hours. the eastern edge of the grand cavern is explored (and no further combat takes place in this time).

A middle passage to the east ends in the long alcove, which is dominated by a ten foot stone embankment neatly dividing it in half. Upon the embankment, a tall iron pillar with a triangular cross section. The bottom few feet are covered in indecipherable sigils, and chained to the pillar, a dead hobgoblin adventurer.

A northeast passage leads to a curiously tiled antechamber, and the discovery of a hidden door. What mysteries lie beyond?


  • Monsters Defeated: 4 kobolds, 2 kobold warriors, 2 savage ferrets (divided between 2 adventurers and two hirelings – the cleric and the spare rogue missed this session)
  • Treasure Invested: None / 61 Sigloi recovered so far
  • Dangerous Areas Mapped: “The Iron Pillar”/ In progress
Erol Otus, man

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