Talgarth, Capital City of Kingdom Brycheiniog

Talgarth Moderate Prosperity (III), Steady Population Growth (III), Garrison Patrols Defense (IV), Market Trade, and Guild Presence (Mercantile). Oath (Bridgeford Keep, support), Oath (Y Gaer /  Aberhonddu Town, support), Personage (King Brychan), Power (Political), Enmity (Kingdom Powys) Situated on the southern bank of the River Ennig (Between the Wye and the Usk), near the border with the Kingdom of Gwent (to the east), Talgarth has … Continue reading Talgarth, Capital City of Kingdom Brycheiniog

Perilous Paths Campaign Three: The Saexa Menace

“The adventurers are a band of Mushkenu mercenaries (a quite small band, as it happens). Mercenary work is legal in the land of Brycheiniog, and can be* entirely honest. You are known in Bridegford, and to a lesser extent northern Brycheiniog. The glory and treasure that are the lifeblood of adventurers will further your reputation, and the border regions between the civilized kingdoms of the … Continue reading Perilous Paths Campaign Three: The Saexa Menace

Settlement Population Demographics

So if there’s an unwalled area of, say, six square miles (which is about the size of the open grasslands on the map before you run into forest), that’s 750 people, with surplus food for 360 people. 750 rural people plus 350 (relatively) urban people gets you a town of 1100 souls, on the northern border of Brycheiniog, on the highway to Powys. Continue reading Settlement Population Demographics

Emain Ablach 2 – Session Three

Hadukannaš Day Six (Summer) – Bridgeford Two Rogues and a Cleric go looking for a shortcut to the ruined hamlet. By skirting the river, they find one that allows them to get back and forth between in the hamlet and Bridgeford in a day without a forced march between them. In the afternoon, the three discuss setting up a camp outside of the ruined hamlet … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session Three

Emain Ablach 2 – Session Two

Hadukannaš Day Two (Summer) A Cleric, Fighter, Magic User, and Two Rogues head out west from the town of Bridgeford (with the Cleric and the Fighter in the first rank, and the Magic-User and one of the Rogues in the last rank, wary for an ambush). A few miles away from town, the gently rolling farmland (1) gives way to increasingly thick woods, with steep … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session Two

Emain Ablach 2 – Session One

Hadukannaš Day One (Summer) Two Clerics, a Fighter, a Magic User, and a Rogue head out west from the town of Bridgeford. A few miles away from town, the gently rolling farmland is the site of an ambush from a handful of Chaos Brutes. They kill one of the Clerics, and inflict significant “battle-axe adjacent personal injury” to the remainder of the team. Until the … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session One

Dramatis Personae (a bit)

Named characters encountered to date include: Father Rhall Albanius (Priest, mushkenu, of Law, Bridgeford) Lucia Minia Pantera (Garrison Commander, amelu by elevation, of Law, Bridgeford) Mayor Octavius Carvilius Natalis (Patrician, amelu, unknown alignment, Bridgeford) Quinta Aulia Datus (Tax-collector, amelu, of Law, Bridgeford) Cadwaladr and Iolo Casperius (Hunters, mushkenu, unaligned, Bridgeford) Reminder: player characters earn a (mushkenu) name at second level. Crib-death can happen to you. Continue reading Dramatis Personae (a bit)

Bounties on offer in Bridgeford

The Garrison Commander of Bridgeford pays 5SC per small chaos-breed head (less than 1 HD – goblins, kobolds), 10SC per moderate sized chaos-breed (Brutes, Stone Goblins, Gnolls), and 15 SC per large sized chaos-breed (ogres and trolls). The Mayor of Bridgeford pays 50SC per map for the location of cleared monster lair, contingent on the militia independently verifying such. notices posted in Bridgeford Notes The … Continue reading Bounties on offer in Bridgeford

Campaign Two, Story One

The church is calling its clerics to clear the temple (and the hamlet) of corruption, and resanctify(2) the Altar of Light at the heart of the temple. Success brings the accolades of the church(3). For those of the faith that do not belong to a clerical order(4), a cash bounty is placed upon successfully clearing the land of evil (5), as well as a fair market value paid on any religious goods recovered from the temple (paid by Father Rhall, of the church in Bridgeford). Continue reading Campaign Two, Story One

1st Encounter, Random Encounter

Two hours west of Bridgeford, a hunting pack of 4 Chaos Brutes (Scale mail, Shields, Battle-axes) set upon our heroes (Two clerics, One rogue, One mage, One fighter) in the grasslands between the wooded foothills where the elder temple is to be found, and the town itself. A Brute’s flawless attack knocks the fighter down in one blow, rendering him unconscious (bloody, but not bleeding … Continue reading 1st Encounter, Random Encounter