Emain Ablach 2 – Session Two

Hadukannaš Day Two (Summer)

A Cleric, Fighter, Magic User, and Two Rogues head out west from the town of Bridgeford (with the Cleric and the Fighter in the first rank, and the Magic-User and one of the Rogues in the last rank, wary for an ambush). A few miles away from town, the gently rolling farmland (1) gives way to increasingly thick woods, with steep hills in the distance. After an entire halfday is spent exploring and mapping, the group breaks free of the reline near the base of the hills, and spies the ruined hamlet to the west.

A camp is setup just inside the treeline, a meal is eaten, and the smoke from a campfire kept on tight leash to avoid giving away the position of the camp. An uneventful night passes, with the spellcasters resting, then recovering their spells during the second night watch (on a staggered scheduled, so only one is distracted at a time).

Hadukannaš Day Three (Summer)

The group cautiously marches into the ruined hamlet, on the northeastern stretch of town (a path leads north into the foothills, from this side of town).

A first ruined cottage is explored, and between the Cleric and the Fighter, a tripwire is triggered, and a deadfall collapses a section of roof on the adventurers (2), leaving them staggered, bloody, and trapped under debris. A moderate amount of physical labor (and noise) later, and the group follows a footpath to a second house.

Now we know there are men, or near-men, in the hamlet.

– the Cleric

That second ruined house is definitely inhabited, from the growling and snarling sounds emerging from the shadowed interior. One of the Rogues attempts to surreptitiously peer inside, but is more successful at sneaking than sensing. The Fighter bravely wanders into the house, and encounters of pair of wolves ready to defend their den. Combat ensues, with the Fighter trying the lure the wolves outside so the rest of the group could attack; and the wolves trying to lure the rest of the group into the house so that they might be attacked by the wolves. Essentially both groups fail at this tactic, and the numbers advantage brings down the Fighter, who falls grievously wounded. By the time the Cleric has roused him and healed (some of) the damage, one of the wolves has run of into the woods, and one of the wolves retreated to its den.

Which gets awkward for the party when, negligent to the fate of the two wolves, they move in force into the second house to search for treasure.  Thankfully, the wolf is already significantly injured, and with the bulk of the party in position to attack, they make short work of the wolf(3). Sadly, there are no riches into the ruin to justify the risk. Happily, the Magiuc-User still has their full complement of spells, because they still haven’t used any.

After exploring one more ruined home, the remainder of the day is spent resting and recovering.

Hadukannaš Day Four (Summer)

The party returns to Bridgeford.

Hadukannaš Day Five (Summer)

Full day’s recovery for the wounded, and a resupply run for the rest.

  1. Last time they were rolled by a pack of Chaos Brutes. Much less gentle.
  2. 50 XP, Exploration
  3. 30 XP, Combat

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