Emain Ablach 2 – Session Three

Hadukannaš Day Six (Summer) – Bridgeford

Two Rogues and a Cleric go looking for a shortcut to the ruined hamlet. By skirting the river, they find one that allows them to get back and forth between in the hamlet and Bridgeford in a day without a forced march between them.

In the afternoon, the three discuss setting up a camp outside of the ruined hamlet then head into hamlet without doing so. Spooked by a sense of unease in the hamlet, the retreat back outside into the wilderness. After spending and hour searching for a good observation point for the hamlet, they spend an hour observing the ruined hamlet, confirming that yes, it appears to be deserted; and yes, it appears ruined. The three adventurers head back into the hamlet. 

The first ruined cottage on the southeast side of the hamlet appears mostly intact, and some scouting reveals that it’s most likely inhabited by wolves. A clever attempt at drawing out the wolves to an ambush goes mostly in the wolves’ favor, with one of the Rogues falling down while potentially bleeding to death. Happily, the cleric (more of a long-range combatant) races in and heals the fallen adventurer of all they’re wounds before they become permanently fatal.

All told, one of the wolves ends up dead (and “a rug”, given the news from the last trip to Bridgeford that the trappers pay a bounty on intact hides), and two flee into the woods to the east of town.

A cursory review of the interior reveals that there was more extensive damage to the eastern roof than was visible from the outside, but the walls are still mostly secure (30 combat XP, split two and a half ways). Camp is established in the cottage, and the night passes uneventfully.

Hadukannaš Day Seven (Summer) – Ruined Hamlet

The three scouts head out, towards the large ruined building that resembles an Imperial church. Much discussion on how to sneak up on a church ensues, and several false starts. Half an hour later, most of the seventy-foot distance between the church and the cottage campsite has been covered.

That’s when the giant forest lizard attacks. This monstrous specific is fully twice as large as the usual giant lizard, with a length upwards of 12-18 feet! Aside from a vicious bite, however, the giant lizard is relatively week offensively, and it falls to the blades of the rogues. Likewise, the scaly skin is removed with surprising grace (60 combat XP, split two and a half ways).

After a short discussion, it’s decided to return to Bridgeford, and investigate the church another day. The group returns to Bridgeford by sunset of Day Seven.

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