More XP Awards please!

Related to the Morale discussion yesterday, modern RPGs might say “defeated” instead of “killed”, but damn if it’s obvious whether they think that XP awards should include enemies who run away / break / flee / retreat / advance to the rear / exercise French discretion*. But, now that I think about it, yeah, I’m going to give some XP for routed enemies as a House Rule. That only includes enemies who have a hostile / Hostile reaction and attack, and you only get half XP, but yeah. Continue reading More XP Awards please!

Emain Ablach 2 – Session Three

Hadukannaš Day Six (Summer) – Bridgeford Two Rogues and a Cleric go looking for a shortcut to the ruined hamlet. By skirting the river, they find one that allows them to get back and forth between in the hamlet and Bridgeford in a day without a forced march between them. In the afternoon, the three discuss setting up a camp outside of the ruined hamlet … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session Three

Emain Ablach 2 – Session Two

Hadukannaš Day Two (Summer) A Cleric, Fighter, Magic User, and Two Rogues head out west from the town of Bridgeford (with the Cleric and the Fighter in the first rank, and the Magic-User and one of the Rogues in the last rank, wary for an ambush). A few miles away from town, the gently rolling farmland (1) gives way to increasingly thick woods, with steep … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session Two

Fun and Profit in Bridgeford

Update of this The Garrison Commander of Bridgeford pays 5SC per small chaos-breed head (less than 1 HD – goblins, kobolds), 10SC per moderate sized chaos-breed (Brutes, Stone Goblins, Gnolls), and 15 SC per large sized chaos-breed (ogres and trolls). The Mayor of Bridgeford pays 50SC per map for the location of cleared monster lair, contingent on the militia independently verifying such. The Hunters and … Continue reading Fun and Profit in Bridgeford

Emain Ablach 2 – Session One

Hadukannaš Day One (Summer) Two Clerics, a Fighter, a Magic User, and a Rogue head out west from the town of Bridgeford. A few miles away from town, the gently rolling farmland is the site of an ambush from a handful of Chaos Brutes. They kill one of the Clerics, and inflict significant “battle-axe adjacent personal injury” to the remainder of the team. Until the … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session One


In Sumerian and Akkadian mythology (and Mesopotamian mythology in general) Hanbi or Hanpa (more commonly known in western text) was the god of evil, god of all evil forces and the father of Pazuzu and Humbaba. Aside from his relationship with Pazuzu, very little is known of this figure. Moderately mockable name (although certainly less so than Humbaba), the opportunity here is for a … Continue reading Hanbi

Humbaba the Terrible

The iconography of the apotropaic severed head of Humbaba, with staring eyes, flowing beard and wild hair, is well documented from the First Babylonian dynasty, continuing into Neo-Assyrian art and dying away during the Achaemenid rule. The severed head of the monstrous Humbaba found a Greek parallel in the myth of Perseus[10] and the similarly employed head of Medusa, which Perseus placed in his leather sack.[11] Archaic Greek depictions of the gorgoneion render it bearded, an anomaly in … Continue reading Humbaba the Terrible