The Saexa Menace, Episode Fourteen


  • Presto the Wizard
  • Erdudfyl the Ranger
  • Adhamh, changeling follower from Eglantine Grove.

Missing in Action

Tristan (“the poxy Bard”) the Bard; Shank (a very private person) the Thief; Áron the changeling follower;

Killed in Action (so far)

Elvira the Troublesome; Torg the Fearsome


Play starts in the village of Ruiger Moor in Cantref Mawr

Ifan the Black, Bandit with a Bounty on his head
Wanted for banditry, slaughter, and crimes against the gods.
Ifan is new to the area, increasingly infamous.
Presto knows of a magical treasure, defended by an unnatural threat.
Rumors of the undead coming from the hills to the west. (“West” is western side of Cantref Elfael)
Undead are known to fear the sun. Some may lair underground, some may lair in dense wilderness.

The Druid Elspeth has a simple proposal for Erdudfyl. Journey to the village of Ruiger Moor, which has cut off contact with the grove for more than a week. Find out what curse afflicts the town, and if possible, resolve it. For this, the group will receive the favor of the Druids of Eglantine Grove. As assistance, two of the changeling youths (Áron and Adhamh) will provide guidance and assistance.

2 adventurers and a changeling hireling explore Queen Eimhear of the Siluri’s barrow.


Day 16, Mid-day, Spring Season (the Budding new moon +2), Year of Empire 2375
Weather Forecast: Overcast skies, moderate wind, intermittent fog

The Secret Chamber
Maybe three places in length and width, the secret chamber is sunk deeper into the stone of the mountain than the central tomb area itself. Inside, a simple stone throne; and upon it the despoiled corpse of Queen Eimhear sits slumped, obviously stolen of her riches. In narrow wall alcoves are two Cymru cult statues; one representing Ceridwen (the moon goddess of wisdom), one representing Gwynn ap Nudd (the lord of the hunt).

Presto extends his head through the illusory projection of the Devil’s Beacon mountains that resembles a fresco painting on the central chamber wall, and peers into Queen Eimhear’s final resting place. He spends a bit of time investigating cautiously, before stepping aside to allow Erdudfyl the Ranger to explore and discern more comprehensively. It’s Erdudfyl who identifies the two Cymru cult idols in the chamber (which faces the arcane circle / place of power in the central chamber), as well as the damage done to the withered husk of Eimhear herself; damage to the head, wrists, and hand. The evidence suggests that tomb-goods were removed from this chamber, and Eimhear didn’t choose to part with them easily.

Erdudfyl and Presto decide to head back to the village now to avoid being caught out in the dark, leaving the remaining areas of the tomb for later investigation. One the way back, they meet Rhys the Fighter (no relation to Sergeant Rhys of the Ruiger village militia), a landborn peasant with a secret, looking to make a new life for himself. He’s quickly “adopted” into the group, as Presto and Erdudfyl can use all the help they can get.

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