Campaign Two, Story One

The church is calling its clerics to clear the temple (and the hamlet) of corruption, and resanctify(2) the Altar of Light at the heart of the temple. Success brings the accolades of the church(3). For those of the faith that do not belong to a clerical order(4), a cash bounty is placed upon successfully clearing the land of evil (5), as well as a fair market value paid on any religious goods recovered from the temple (paid by Father Rhall, of the church in Bridgeford). Continue reading Campaign Two, Story One

1st Encounter, Random Encounter

Two hours west of Bridgeford, a hunting pack of 4 Chaos Brutes (Scale mail, Shields, Battle-axes) set upon our heroes (Two clerics, One rogue, One mage, One fighter) in the grasslands between the wooded foothills where the elder temple is to be found, and the town itself. A Brute’s flawless attack knocks the fighter down in one blow, rendering him unconscious (bloody, but not bleeding … Continue reading 1st Encounter, Random Encounter

How much is that magic item worth?

Totally adapted from a different version of D&D. Notes: This uses the Minor, Medium, Major labels for magic treasure from Swords and Wizardry, but what kind of deranged lunatic starts all there class headings with the same letter? Madness. Also, while the “Creation Cost” is broken out in terms of coin, the Value for finished items is not, to discourage the assumption that shops exist … Continue reading How much is that magic item worth?

Mukīl rēš lemutti

Mukīl rēš lemutti, meaning “he who holds the head of evil”, was an ancient Mesopotamian winged leonine demon, a harbinger of misfortune associated with benign headaches and wild swings in mood, where the afflicted “continually behaves like an animal caught in a trap.” It was one of the two demons that followed people around, an “evil accomplice” also referred to as rabis lemutti (“he who … Continue reading Mukīl rēš lemutti