Monsters of the Stinking Mire (Lyonesse)

All things give way to rot in the end. Food spoils on the table, men’s minds go mad with age and disease. Even The World itself, when left untended and uncared for, can turn to black muck and stinking air. Things dwell in these parts of Dungeon World. Things gone just as a bad as the swirling filth that fills the swamps. In these cesspit lowlands, adventurers will find such creatures as the deadly-eyed Basilisk or the famed, unkillable troll. You’ll need more than a dry pair of boots to survive these putrid fens. A sword would be a good start.

Dungeon World

Swamps, fens, moors, and mires.

New Stuff

  • Giant Leech
  • Giant Spider
  • Giant Toad
  • Kusarikku (Ogre) (Large, Group, Intelligent)
  • Stirge (bird)

Dungeon World Stuff

  • Bakunawa (Solitary, Large, Intelligent, Messy, Forceful)
  • Basilisk (Solitary, Hoarder)
  • Black Pudding (Solitary, Amorphous)
  • Crocodilian (Group, Large)
  • Doppelgänger (Solitary, Devious, Intelligent)
  • Dragon Turtle (Solitary, Huge, Cautious)
  • Dragon Whelp (Solitary, Small, Intelligent, Cautious, Hoarder)
  • Ekek (Horde)
  • Fire Eels (Horde, Tiny)
  • Frogman (Horde, Small, Intelligent)
  • Gorgon (Medusa) (Solitary, Devious, Intelligent, Hoarder)
  • Hydra (Solitary, Large)
  • Lizardman (Group, Stealthy, Intelligent, Organized)
  • Sauropod (Group, Huge, Cautious)
  • Swamp Shambler (Solitary, Large, Magical)
  • Troll (Solitary, Large)
  • Will-o-wisp (Solitary, Tiny, Magical)

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