The western capital of the Holy Empire, located on the west bank of the Seine in the Gaulish territories of Europa. The western Holy Empire was ruled by the most powerful female relative of the God-King of Byzantium, the Empress of the Starry Skies. The city was also the center of cult power for Venus / Inanna in the Empire. The city remains a powerful … Continue reading Parais

Celestial Mechanics and the Lords of Order

The motions of the sun, the moon, and the stars are evidence of the efforts of the pantheon to establish an orderly universe, and to diminish chaos. Likewise; meteors, eclipses, and comets are disruptions in the cosmic order caused by the forces of chaos on the edges nibbling on the world. In addition to the low impact implications of this (church astrologers!), there are high … Continue reading Celestial Mechanics and the Lords of Order

Hare Krishna and the Cults of Chaos

So, a fairly positive spin on “Of Chaos” presented to human worshipers of the cults goes like this: In the beginning, existence was a formless, infinite void of possibility and connection Time and Death arrived; destabilizing the whole thing (the universal consciousness) to fear, loss, and regret Pettty tyrants known to mankind as gods prospered by putting the jackbooted heels of oppression against the week … Continue reading Hare Krishna and the Cults of Chaos

How’s the Weather?

Friendly: clear skies, moderate breeze (1d4 for direction), no precipitation Indifferent: cloudy skies, no wind, no precipitation Neutral: overcast skies, moderate breeze (1d8 for direction), intermittent fog Unfriendly: stormy skies, light wind (1d8 for direction), light precipitation Hostile: Stormy skies and lightning strikes, heavy wind (1d4 for direction), occasional dangerous precipitation Continue reading How’s the Weather?

PC Needs

Psych! Different kind of PC than you’re thinking. If I establish the Demon Queen of Sorcery, when there’s a Father of Miracles, am I just furthering the work of the patriarchy? I mean, necromancers and hags have to get their inspiration from somewhere. Note: As previously mentioned, Wizards and Witches are not inherently of Chaos, but magic is. And likewise necromancers and hags. Although some … Continue reading PC Needs

Looking for Trade Goods

No luck in Labyrinth Lord, Swords & Wizardry, Adventurer Conqueror King System. Basic Fantasy Role Playing Game (core rules) neither, but their “Equipment Emporium” does. But I’m a sufficient veteran of the primitive economics wars that I go straight to the listings for metal, and see, per pound: Copper, 9 pennies. Tin, 20 pennies. Bronze, 7 pennies. Get the hell out of here with that … Continue reading Looking for Trade Goods

Settlement Population Demographics

So if there’s an unwalled area of, say, six square miles (which is about the size of the open grasslands on the map before you run into forest), that’s 750 people, with surplus food for 360 people. 750 rural people plus 350 (relatively) urban people gets you a town of 1100 souls, on the northern border of Brycheiniog, on the highway to Powys. Continue reading Settlement Population Demographics