Ruiger Moor, Village in Kingdom Brycheiniog

Ruiger Moor

Poor Prosperity (II), Shrinking Population Growth (II), Militia Defense (I), Oath (Eglantine Grove, Support), Resource (Bog Iron). Oath (Aberhonndu, fealty). 

Situated in a valley in the northern foothills of the Devil’s Beacon mountains, the village proper lies on a low hill surrounded by a ditch, with an excellent view in all directions (and encompassing the greatest extent of arable land within several miles).

Ruiger Moor has been inhabited for more than a millennia, back to the last alliance between the Cymru and Fair Folk, before the arrival of the Holy Empire. While there is a shrine to the Anunakki of the Imperial Church in the village, religious enthusiasm is somewhat dampened by the number of ancient bloodlines (with likewise ancient religious practices).

The nearest trade town is Aberhonddu, half a day’s travel downstream the brook that drains the moorland into the River Usk to the north. Ruiger Moor primarily provides locally sourced bog iron from the valley, while Aberhonddu provides tools, skilled labor, and luxuries. Aberdonddu also has an oath of defense for the Ruiger Moor valley, but have failed to live up to it in recent times.

Ruiger Moor recently suffered a defeat in battle courtesy of raiding bandits, who made off with livestock and captives.

Notable Personalities

  • Priv Arianrhod (Village Prosperity, matriarch of her line) – Village headwoman
  • Arcani Rhian Satria (Village Population) – Village pastor
  • Masnachwr Huw (Village Trade, patriarch of his line) – Merchant house leader
  • Feistr Ffion (Bog Iron Resource, matriarch of her line) – leader of village mining efforts

Travel Times

  • Aberhonddu town, Half day NE (path)
  • Bridgeford Keep, One day plus NE (path to Aberhonndu, then road)
  • Eglantine Grove, Half day E (path, hills) 
  • Talgarth – Two days, NE to Bridgeford, SE to Talgarth (path, road, plains)

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