Village of Eglantine Grove, a Hidden Gael enclave in Brycheiniog

Eglantine Grove

Poor Prosperity (II), Steady Population Growth (III), Militia Defense (I), Oath (Ruiger Moor, Support), Resource (Timber). Divine (Nature), History (Miracle). Gael Culture.

Hidden in the remote wooded northern foothills of the Devil’s Beacon mountains, the village consists of a dozen cozy cottages built in harmony with nature, and a nearby grove of ancient trees (Oak, Ash, and Thorn) considered sacred to the Gael culture.

The nearest trade town is the village of Ruiger Moor, who trade with Aberhonddu, half a day’s travel downstream to the north. Ruiger Moor recently suffered a defeat in battle courtesy of raiding bandits, who made off with livestock and captives.

Notable Personalities

  • Druid Elspeth (Village Prosperity, Divine) – Village headwoman, religious leader
  • Initiate Breandon (Village Population, Culture)
  • Initiate Peadar (Timber Resource)
  • Initiate Eimile (Militia Defense)

Travel Times

  • Aberhonddu town, One day N (hills)
  • Ruiger Moor, Half day W (path, hills)

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