Talgarth, Capital City of Kingdom Brycheiniog


Moderate Prosperity (III), Steady Population Growth (III), Garrison Patrols Defense (IV), Market Trade, and Guild Presence (Mercantile). Oath (Bridgeford Keep, support), Oath (Y Gaer /  Aberhonddu Town, support), Personage (King Brychan), Power (Political), Enmity (Kingdom Powys)

Situated on the southern bank of the River Ennig (Between the Wye and the Usk), near the border with the Kingdom of Gwent (to the east), Talgarth has been the capital of the kingdom of Brycheiniog since the Gaelish Prince Brychan was granted the lands formerly known as Garth Madrun.

The city supplies the keep of Bridgeford along the River Wye two days to the north with grain and legionnaires, while Bridgeford keeps the refugees streaming south from Saexa occupied Powys to a manageable rate.

The imperial church maintains a basilica under the leadership of Archon Se. Fulcinia Pirān. As King Brychan is not of the faith himself, there is a degree of acceptance of Gaelish nature worship in the kingdom (but conflict in the towns and cities, traditionally organized around the temples of the magi). There is a chapter house of the Red Paladins of Mithras in Talgarth.

The nearest trade town is Aberhonddu, a day’s travel upstream the river Usk (west). Aberhonddu provides grain and provisions to Talgarth, while Talgrath provides defense in the form of road and river wardens.

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