Talgarth, Capital City of Kingdom Brycheiniog

Talgarth Moderate Prosperity (III), Steady Population Growth (III), Garrison Patrols Defense (IV), Market Trade, and Guild Presence (Mercantile). Oath (Bridgeford Keep, support), Oath (Y Gaer /  Aberhonddu Town, support), Personage (King Brychan), Power (Political), Enmity (Kingdom Powys) Situated on the southern bank of the River Ennig (Between the Wye and the Usk), near the border with the Kingdom of Gwent (to the east), Talgarth has … Continue reading Talgarth, Capital City of Kingdom Brycheiniog

Custom Move: Research a Spell

Based on the Wizard Starting Move “Ritual” “Research New Spell” Requirements: It requires the night of the new moon It requires a place of power You’ll have to disenchant the relevant magical scroll (or spellbook) to do it Note: Wizards gain access to one new spell every time they gain a level. In this case, the requirements to disenchant the scroll or book are waived.When … Continue reading Custom Move: Research a Spell

“Powered by the Apocalypse”, some implications

As discussed yesterday, the core mechanic of Dungeon World is a Move. When a character triggers a Move; you get a Full Success, Partial Success, or a Miss. I’ve come to love the Partial Success result since I started playing Talislanta in the previous century, so this is was an easy transition to make. But the “Miss” result is where things get complicated and deep … Continue reading “Powered by the Apocalypse”, some implications

“Powered by the Apocalypse”, the Basics

The core player mechanic in Dungeon World is a Move. A Move tell you the conditions required to make the Move (the Trigger), modifiers to your roll (usually an Ability Score modifier), and the specific results on Full Success (“You do it with little trouble”) or Partial Success (“You do it, but with complications or trouble.”). You get a Full Success when you roll 10 … Continue reading “Powered by the Apocalypse”, the Basics


This is the native culture of the humans of Lyonesse that predates the arrival of the Holy Empire Names: Bleddyn, Cadwgan, Einion, Gwyn, Ieuan, Llywarch, Meurig, Rhiryd, Rhys, Seisyll, Trahaearn Angharad, Dyddgu, Erdudfyl, Gwerydd, Iwerydd, Morfudd, Morfyl, Myfanwy, Perweur, Tangwystl Starting Moves Bard When you first enter a civilized settlement someone who respects the custom of hospitality to minstrels will take you in as their … Continue reading BACKGROUND: CYMRY


The Holy Empire of Byzantium (“The Holy Empire”, “The Imperial Throne”, “The Eastern Empire” in decreasing acknowledgement of its authority) was the source of civilization and law in the lands of Albion during the first millennium. Names: Given Names: Bahram, Fariborz, Gostaham, Hojir, Kashvad, Nariman, Pashotan, Qobád, Rostam, Salm, Shahrasp ; Arnavāz, Faranak, Farangis, Gordafarid, Katāyoun, Manizheh, Rudaba, Shahrnāz, Sindukht, Sudabeh, Tahmina Surnames: House of … Continue reading BACKGROUND: IMPERIAL