How much is that magic item worth?

Totally adapted from a different version of D&D. Notes: This uses the Minor, Medium, Major labels for magic treasure from Swords and Wizardry, but what kind of deranged lunatic starts all there class headings with the same letter? Madness. Also, while the “Creation Cost” is broken out in terms of coin, the Value for finished items is not, to discourage the assumption that shops exist … Continue reading How much is that magic item worth?

More Touch

Rules as Written: You need to be within 5 feet (melee engagement range) of your target to cast a spell with a range of “Touch”. First rule elaboration: You need a successful attack roll against AAC 10 in order to successfully touch an opponent in combat (to use a Touch ranged spell against an unwilling target). Rules Discussion: Do you need an empty hand in … Continue reading More Touch

Surprise, Initiative, Surprise Intitiative

In the same way that we roll initiative by class (all the Fighters, all the Rogues, etc… lowest DEX modifier applies), we roll surprise checks by class as well. 1d6, with surprise on 1-2. Minimizes the really bad days the adventurers have, because let’s face it…they’re carrying light sources, so they’re never surprising monsters underground. Continue reading Surprise, Initiative, Surprise Intitiative