How’s the Weather?

Friendly: clear skies, moderate breeze (1d4 for direction), no precipitation Indifferent: cloudy skies, no wind, no precipitation Neutral: overcast skies, moderate breeze (1d8 for direction), intermittent fog Unfriendly: stormy skies, light wind (1d8 for direction), light precipitation Hostile: Stormy skies and lightning strikes, heavy wind (1d4 for direction), occasional dangerous precipitation Continue reading How’s the Weather?

Fighters, now with more horsepower.

Well, not horsepower, exactly. Although I’m sure a cavalry post is advancing than less than a full gallop. No, this is a post about the dreaded “power-levelling”. Lots of folks don’t give clerics spells at first level. I do (I also sincerely don’t understand the traditional antipathy towards clerics, but that’s an issue for a later date). Some folks give thieves rogues piss-poor fighting ability, … Continue reading Fighters, now with more horsepower.

More XP Awards please!

Related to the Morale discussion yesterday, modern RPGs might say “defeated” instead of “killed”, but damn if it’s obvious whether they think that XP awards should include enemies who run away / break / flee / retreat / advance to the rear / exercise French discretion*. But, now that I think about it, yeah, I’m going to give some XP for routed enemies as a House Rule. That only includes enemies who have a hostile / Hostile reaction and attack, and you only get half XP, but yeah. Continue reading More XP Awards please!

“He’s only mostly dead!”

I’m temporarily dropping the “dead at – Level hit points” rule and adding a “mostly dead at 0 hit points, there are no negative hit points” rule.When you’re at 0 hit points, roll 1d6 on your initiative order. If you roll less than the number of rounds you’ve been mostly dead (how many times you’ve rolled the 1d6), you’re all the way dead. I was … Continue reading “He’s only mostly dead!”


House Rule Helmet 10 gp, (AAC) N/A, 5 lb. Labyrinth Lord Why in Neo-Otyugh’s name would you lug around 5 pounds worth of equipment you didn’t have to? Let alone another 10 gp (10 Sigloi for those of us on the silver standard) armor tax? Helmets don’t give you an armor bonus, and you don’t take an armor penalty when you’re not wearing them. Which … Continue reading Helmets