Enchantment over the Sea

“Ingeniātor” is the word in the Common Tongue for those who bind spirits in fetters of material objects to power magic effects. These include the fetters made of bone to contain the spirits of the dead, fetters made of stone or wood to contain the spirits of nature, fetters made of iron to house demonic entities, or fetters made of bronze to contain spirits of the primal elements. Of the lot, only the bronze fetters that house elemental powers are sanctioned by the Imperial Church…and indeed they do quite good business selling said reliquaries of power.

The Book of Seven

In Dungeon World terms, the Compendium Class for the spellcasters who possess the ability to create the enchantments necessary to power magic items are known as Artificers

Artificers imbue objects with magical abilities by binding otherworldly spirits into them.


Alignment other than Good; When you defeating an otherworldly spirit (such as an elemental, demon, or wraith) with your spells, the next time you gain a level you can choose the following Move instead of a Move from your class.


The Wizard spell “Detect Magic” is a Cantrip (or Rote) for you. You can use “Discern Realities” to deduce the function of an item you know to be magic.
When you gain a level, you may select one of the following Moves instead of a Move from your class.

  • Bronze Fetter: You may bind elementals into objects of bronze. Generally associated with the Lawful Alignment
  • Iron Fetter: You may bind demons into objects of iron Generally associated with negatively inclined Chaotic Alignment
  • Bone Fetter: You may bind wraiths and other restless spirits into objects of bone. Associated with Necromancers of Evil Alignment
  • Stone or Wood Fetter: You may bind animal or plant spirits of nature into objects of stone or wood. Generally associated with the positively aligned Fair Folk of Chaotic Alignment, Druids, and Barbarians
  • Silver or Orichalcum Fetter: You may create artifact level magic items of Silver or Orichalcum. Requires mastery of all four lesser fetters.


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