Custom Move: Research a Spell

Based on the Wizard Starting Move “Ritual”

“Research New Spell” Requirements:

  • It requires the night of the new moon
  • It requires a place of power
  • You’ll have to disenchant the relevant magical scroll (or spellbook) to do it

Note: Wizards gain access to one new spell every time they gain a level. In this case, the requirements to disenchant the scroll or book are waived.
When you attempt to inscribe a new spell you’ve researched, roll+Int. 

  • On a 10+, the spell is inscribed in your spellbook, and you’ve also created a single use Common Scroll that contains the spell
  • On a 7-9,  the spell is inscribed in your spellbook

As is usually the case, on a 6 or less, take an XP point, and something dangerous happens (the GM will tell you what)

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