More Touch

Rules as Written: You need to be within 5 feet (melee engagement range) of your target to cast a spell with a range of “Touch”. First rule elaboration: You need a successful attack roll against AAC 10 in order to successfully touch an opponent in combat (to use a Touch ranged spell against an unwilling target). Rules Discussion: Do you need an empty hand in … Continue reading More Touch

Clerics and “Reversible” Spells

There are no “Of Balance” or “of Chaos” clerics, only those “of Law”(1). The reversed versions of the Cleric spells form the basis of the Necromancer spell lists, in addition to the Animate Dead (3rd level) spell. Clerics do not have the ability or option to cast these spells, much less risk the displeasure of their pantheon should they do so. Continue reading Clerics and “Reversible” Spells