Bridgeford, Keep on the Brycheiniog Borderlands

Caer Bontrhyd (Bridgeford)

Poor Prosperity (II), Shrinking Population Growth (II), Garrison Patrols Defense (IV), Need (Grain), Trade (Talgarth), Oath (Talgarth, defense), Enmity (Radnor Town)

Situated on the southern bank of the River Wye in the Cantref Selyf region of Brycheiniog, a hillfort has stood on the hills overlooking the river since the Holy Empire first established a highway and bridge here centuries ago in the lands formerly known as Garth Madrun.

The keep protects trade on the highway generally, but even more specifically keeps the refugees streaming south from Saexa occupied Powys down to a manageable rate. Hence, a small toll to cross the bridge (the nearest fording opportunity on the Wye is several days’ travel upstream in Bealt, or several days downstream at Talgarth) to keep the vagrants from flooding into Brycheiniog. This has not endeared the keep (nor the kingdom) with Kingdom Elfael, or its largest trading town, Radnor.

There are currently increased levels of bandit and slaver activity on the Elfael side of the border that are beginning to spread south into Brycheiniog.

There are reports of an growing undead presence upriver on the Wye, on both sides of the border.

Saexa trading caravans have traveled as far south as Bridgeford, but there have been no Saexa raiding parties.Yet.

Notable Inhabitants:

  • Magi Caeso Atria (m) – Chapel Priest, Imperial
    • Arcani Rhall Albanius (m) – Shrine Chaplain, Cymru
  • Octavius Carvilius Numitoria (m) – Legion Commander, Imperial
    • Lucia Minia (f) – Bridgeford Garrison Commander, Cymru
  • Quinta Aulia Agrhriras (f) – Castellan, Imperial
    • Lea Galeria (f) – Castellan Staff, Imperial, Presto’s contact

Travel Times:

  • Talgarth – Quarter day downstream (boat), Half day SE (path, plains)
  • Y Gelli – Half Day downstream (boat), One Day SExNE (path, plains)
  • Aberhonddu town, One day SW (road)
  • Radnor town, Elfael – One day NE (road)

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