The Saexa Menace, Episode Two


Lofer the Ranger
Meurig (Presto), the Wizard
Inghinn (Elvira), the Thief
Tristan, the Bard


Play starts in the Keep of Bridgeford, on the Brycheiniog / Elfael border.

Lofer and Tristan scout across the river Wye, and discover a bandit encampment off the beaten path. The engage in combat, ambushing the sleeping bandits, and kill a few before being forced to advance to the rear with speed. They return to Bridgeford, and consume their meal in the village outside the keep.


Second Day of the Spring Season (Full Moon +1), Year 2375 of the Imperial Calendar.

Tristan recovers in the keep, while Lofer gets reinforcements in the form of Preto and Elvira. Hey gives the directions of the bandit camp to Elvira and scouts ahead. Unfortunately, Elvira gets a bit turned around in the woods, and barges into the bandit camp before she’s expecting it, with Presto and Lofer struggling to catch up.

Combat ensues, but the rested and prepared bandits are not so easy to dispatch as those unawares and sleeping. Several are dispatched, but in the heat of combat Presto and Elvira are forced to abandon the crossbow riddled body of Lofer, and retreat back to Bridgeford (again).

Glory and riches, alas, will have to wait for a more opportune moment.

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