Dungeon World Shopping List 3 – Labor

A week’s unskilled labor. 10 coins.
A months pay for enlistment in the army. 30 coins.

Dungeon World

First thing, that’s 40 coins for a month of unskilled labor, vs 30 for skilled. Common sense says the enlisted army feeds you, so that’s an additional +18 to +28 coins (rations vs meals). Common sense says the enlisted army puts a roof over your head, so that’s an additional +16 to +20 coins (peasant inns are cheaper the first month, adventuring gear you only need to buy once).

So that’s plausibly 48 coins a month expense on a contract mercenary, plus an another 35 coins for starting arms and armor and gear. Possibly plus danger pay.

For unskilled labor, maybe you need to pay for tools. But since there aren’t any tool costs, maybe you don’t, and that’s included in the 10 coins a week.

Don’t think I need to change anything besides adding a note that unskilled laborer costs are for day laborers, and the “enlistment in the army” rate should be 30 coins per month plus equipage. And that unskilled workers are Common (Prosperity “Dirt” or higher), and skilled workers are Uncommon (Prosperity “Moderate” or higher). And adding a note for danger pay for the army. And maybe add a setting detail that militia pays 15 coins a week on average, one week on and three off.

OK, that’s a few changes, actually.

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