Creatures of the Great Woods (Lyonesse)

There are three significant areas of “Great Woods” (Cymry: “Coed”, pronounced “Coyd”) in Lyonesse: Snowdonia in the north, Fforest Fawr in the southeast (where the play is now -Aberhonddu town is roughly the northern edge), and Cantre’r Gwaelod in the west.

Sizes, as the say, are relative.

  • Owl (Tiny, “Loiter unseen”)
  • Raven (Small, “Peck out the eyes”, “Summon a murder”)
  • Red Kite (“Swoop and Strike”)
  • Brown Trout (Tiny)
  • Eel (Small, “Wriggle out of trouble”, “Venomous bite”, “Camouflage”)
  • Pike
  • Stoat (Tiny)
  • Fox (Small)
  • Wildcat (Small, “Nose for trouble”)
  • Lynx (“Keen Senses”, “Pass without trace”)
  • Brown Bear (Large, “Terrifying Roar”, “Gruesome Mauling”)
  • Hare (Tiny)
  • Boar (“Charge and Gore”)
  • Red Deer (“run like a bastard”)
  • Mastiff (Small, “Growl and Bark”, )
  • Wolf

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