Lyonesse Monster Terminology Update

A “goblin” is a dark elf. In D&D terms, a drow. They are also called “snow elves”, and mostly they live in Snowdonia, the toughest mountain terrain in Lyonesse, a week or more to the north (west of the Saexa Kingdom of Powys).

A Hwb is the non offensive term for the Fair Folk / human mixed race travelling tinkers and storytellers that travel by caravan.

A “hob-goblin” are the decidedly morally gray mixed race Fair Folk (different Fair Folk races, not Fair-folk/Human). Some are good, some are bad, mostly they can be deemed selfish (just like humans). They do, however, have a martial tradition going back a millennia that makes up for their general disinterest in magic.

A “Brute”, or more specifically “Chaos Bruteswere a fairly rare degenerate (possibly pregenerate) race of cave dwelling humans, prone to chaos mutation due to the presence of unearthly and dangerous underground ores. We would call them Neanderthals, D&D would call them orcs. They are no longer rare in Lyonesse, as they make up a substantial portion (10-25%) of the Saexa hordes colonizing Lyonesse via the Kingdom of Powys.

Meta-note: none of these are the “dragon-blooded” enemy that ruled Lyonesse before the alliance of men and elves (with apologies to Tolkien), the most degenerate and pathetic modern offspring of which is the kobold.

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