Chaos Brutes

Orc’ hair is usually black. They have pig-like faces and reddish eyes. Orcs prefer wearing vivid colors that many humans would consider unpleasant, such as blood red, mustard yellow, yellow-green, and deep purple. Their equipment is dirty and unkempt. An adult male orc is a little over 6 feet tall and females are slightly smaller. Orcs are primarily subterranean, but they are also nocturnal and may be found on the surface at night. They suffer a penalty of –1 to hit rolls when in sunlight. Orcs are exceedingly cruel and delight in the torment of others.

A party of orcs will have a leader who has 8 hit points, and is exceptionally strong. He receives a +1 bonus to weapon damage rolls. Should the leader of a party of orcs be slain, the remaining orcs have a morale of 6. Orcs are exceptionally greedy and love to kill, which makes them particularly attractive to chaotic rulers who hire orcs as mercenary soldiers. Orcs will employ any kind of hand or missile weapon.

Orcs are socially organized around warring tribes, which have repulsive names like the ‘Vile Eye’ tribe or the ‘Bloody Skull’tribe. Tribes seldom work together unless united under strong (and fear inducing) leadership. Any tribe has a roughly equal number of males and females, with as many children as there are adults. The orc tribal chief fights as a monster with 4 HD and has 15 hit points. He will be very strong, having a weapon damage roll bonus of +2. There is a 60% chance that any tribe consisting of 20 or more orcs will have an ogre present.

Labyrinth Lord, Section Six, “Orc”

There are no Orcs (or Neanderthal, for that matter). There are “Chaos Brutes”, distant cousins of humanity, descended from those whose physiology has been wracked by the effects of raw chaos (and generations of depraved inter-breeding). One in four offspring of Chaos Brutes are Ogres, and one in four are sterile half-brutes. “Pig-like faces” is just propaganda, though.

Note that the Sorcerers of the Cults of Chaos know unholy and corrupting magicks which can wrack the soul, transforming a man into a decidedly non-sterile half-brute.

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