The Salt Goddess is Dead. Long Live the Salt Goddess!

Tiamat’s exact functions as a goddess are difficult to establish. As her name indicates (see below), she was a deification of the primordial sea. Our best source of information for Tiamat is the myth Enūma Eliš , and in fact, there are only a handful of references to her outside of it. Enūma Eliš begins with a description of the two primeval seas, the salt … Continue reading The Salt Goddess is Dead. Long Live the Salt Goddess!

Hare Krishna and the Cults of Chaos

So, a fairly positive spin on “Of Chaos” presented to human worshipers of the cults goes like this: In the beginning, existence was a formless, infinite void of possibility and connection Time and Death arrived; destabilizing the whole thing (the universal consciousness) to fear, loss, and regret Pettty tyrants known to mankind as gods prospered by putting the jackbooted heels of oppression against the week … Continue reading Hare Krishna and the Cults of Chaos

Settlement Alignment

While cities and imperial towns are inherently Of Law (civilization requires a ruling class, a religious class, and some sort of trade membership), not all of the towns, villages, and hamlets in Lyonesse are likewise aligned. Some are Unaligned, and a few are Of the Balance (the Druids usually give these away). There are no settlements larger than camps, dungeons, or forts that are Of … Continue reading Settlement Alignment

Chaos Brutes

Orc’ hair is usually black. They have pig-like faces and reddish eyes. Orcs prefer wearing vivid colors that many humans would consider unpleasant, such as blood red, mustard yellow, yellow-green, and deep purple. Their equipment is dirty and unkempt. An adult male orc is a little over 6 feet tall and females are slightly smaller. Orcs are primarily subterranean, but they are also nocturnal and … Continue reading Chaos Brutes


Alignments are not elective philosophies, that if you fail to choose you inherit “neutral/selfish”. They are Faiths. They determine the values you hold in life, what you believe the role of mankind is upon the world, and they very much are directly relevant to what happens when you die. If you stray too far from your Alignment, the Labyrinth Lord will not assign a new Alignment. You will be ostracized by those of your current Alignment, those with the ability to detect Alignment will be able to tell that you have lapsed, and those of opposing Alignments will target you for conversion (or sacrifice, as it happens). Continue reading Alignment

The Holy Empire

It’s been a generation of conflict and strife, and the furthest edges of the empire were the first to fall into secessionist feudal kingdoms (“The Young Kingdoms”, generally). What this means for the demi-human races (“The Fair Folk”, collectively, in the west) not aligned with Chaos who had been in long centuries of decline due to the ascension of the Holy Empire, is still a tale waiting to be told. Continue reading The Holy Empire

On Law, Chaos, and The Balance

Before the world was created, there was raw, formless chaos. The god Marduk killed the mother goddess Tiamat and used half her body to create the earth, and the other half to create both the paradise of šamû and the netherworld of irṣitu. There are many, many lesser deities in the pantheon of gods, but they are all the same gods regardless of where on the world you journey amongst human lands. The most popular are Marduk, Anu, Enlil, Ea, and Inanna. Continue reading On Law, Chaos, and The Balance