Hare Krishna and the Cults of Chaos

So, a fairly positive spin on “Of Chaos” presented to human worshipers of the cults goes like this:

  • In the beginning, existence was a formless, infinite void of possibility and connection
  • Time and Death arrived; destabilizing the whole thing (the universal consciousness) to fear, loss, and regret
  • Pettty tyrants known to mankind as gods prospered by putting the jackbooted heels of oppression against the week and helpless, investing in a hierarchy designed such that each level prospered on the misery of their inferiors
  • The Unknowable eldritch beings outside time and space want to free us from the limits of history, misery, and death
  • (redacted)
  • The Undead and shapeshifters*!

* “Nowere’s on first!”

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