The Holy Empire

The Holy Empire of Byzantium (“The Holy Empire”, “The Imperial Throne”, “The Eastern Empire” in decreasing acknowledgement of its authority) was the source of civilization and law in the (increasingly) human lands during the first millennium. Ruled by the God-King of Byzantium, who could trace his (or her, the gods were surprisingly arbitrary on the topic) lineage through the sky-god Anu, the empire collapsed into factional conflict when the God-King (and last known heir to the lineage of Anu) fell in battle against the ravening hordes of chaos and their demonic generals.

It’s been a generation of conflict and strife, and the furthest edges of the empire were the first to fall into secessionist feudal kingdoms (“The Young Kingdoms”, generally). What this means for the demi-human races (“The Fair Folk”, collectively, in the west) not aligned with Chaos who had been in long centuries of decline due to the ascension of the Holy Empire, is still a tale waiting to be told.

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