Emain Ablach Session One

Alphonse and Bavol are two Bravos of the Traveling folk. They hire the first mercenaries dumb enough to work for no money upfront, and an equal shares of loot (that they survive long enough to return to town with), and set out for the dancing lights and unearthly sounds to be founds at the site of an abandoned silver mine in the wilderness nearby.

On the first day of the adventure, the travel through the forest, and up the Forsaken Gorge to the shadow of the mountain.

On the second day, they travel the short distance to the mouth of the silver mine, and encounter a group of kobolds who have erected a barricade across the front of the mine tunnel. While those prove only a slight hazard, venturing inside the mine proves a costly mistake… the lantern’s light only goes so far, and kobolds see excellently in the dark. Alphonse and one of the mercenaries pay the ultimate price for this wisdom, and their bodies are lost in the retreat.

On the third day, the two survivors return to Langawode. They probably should have replenished their rations, but it likely will turn out not to matter. The two survivors recruit another Bravo (and a slightly tougher mercenary).

On the fourth day, a full day of travel leaves the group slightly farther away from the mine than desired, (Bavol’s shortcut being less than so). In the evening the heat of the campfire has poisonous giant centipedes boiling up out of the rocky ground, but they are dispatched before the effects of their lethal venom could be tested.

On the fifth day, about mid-day the adventurers return to the entrance of the mine. This time instead of a handful of kobolds defending the barricade, there’s a single scout who withdraws into the mine when she spots the group of humans approaching. The human push their way into the cave, confronting a handful of kobold archers, a pair of kobold warriors and their savage attack ferrets, and a kobold brute leader. Kobolds being kobolds, the brute retreats in terror, the warriors hold the line, and the archers charge the humans. Bavol dies in the assault, but so do all five of the kobold archers as the human make a fighting retreat. Bavol’s corpse is recovered (along with his goods, save the longbow he dropped when felled), and four of the kobold archers are looted for spare gear (including some poor quality shortbows as well as high quality shortswords that were surely originally looted from more wealthy victims).

On the sixth day, the survivors force-march back to Langawode.

On the seventh day, the survivors recover, and another (of the rapidly diminishing stock of) brave Bravo steps forward to join the quest. Nearly half a score kobold corpses litter the (presumed) silver mine. How many can remain?


  • Monsters Defeated: 10 Kobolds
  • Treasure Invested: None
  • Dangerous Areas Mapped: None / In progress

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