Adventure Background

The warriors of the Traveling People (the Free Folk) are known as Bravos. Lightly armored swordsmen, Bravos are known by their flamboyant fashion sense, and extravagant fighting style (which is optimized for duels, and thus strongest against small numbers of opponents). Young men (and women) hoping for a quick ascent to glory and riches, the life of a Bravo tends to be colorful, and brief.

When the troubles came to Langawode, it was unsurprising that a few of the more adventurous Bravos wintering in town would be among those who kept headfirst into adventure.

After obtaining approval (and minor healing charms) from the Wisewomen of the caravan, these Bravos (and an unemployed mercenary) follow the rumors of dancing lights and unearthly sounds to the site of an abandoned silver mine in the wilderness nearby. The veins of moon-metal have long since been exhausted, but that is far from the only practical use an underground ruin could be put to.

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