In deference to modern sensibilities, Perilous Paths has witches, but they’re not the agents of chaos, evil, and depravity that the historical context would indicate. The loan word in Parsik and Common for darkling witches of either gender who practice infernal sorcery is “ýâtu”, and their dark art “ýâtavô”. The Code of Hammurabi (1.) has things to say about witchcraft, and the context is specifically … Continue reading Witchcraft

Perilous Paths Campaign Three: The Saexa Menace

“The adventurers are a band of Mushkenu mercenaries (a quite small band, as it happens). Mercenary work is legal in the land of Brycheiniog, and can be* entirely honest. You are known in Bridegford, and to a lesser extent northern Brycheiniog. The glory and treasure that are the lifeblood of adventurers will further your reputation, and the border regions between the civilized kingdoms of the … Continue reading Perilous Paths Campaign Three: The Saexa Menace