Cymru Culture and the Faith

The most important thing to know about the Cymru religion, is that it’s a secondhand faith borrowed from the Gaels. The second most important thing to know about the gods of the Cymru is that they are real.

No, wait. The second most important thing to know about the gods of the Cymru is that they’re not gods at all. The third most important thing is that they’re real, and they walk the lands of Albion.

The gods of the Cymru are Fair Folk. Not generally, but specific individual Fair Folk in antiquity, predating the written record. Which is made easier by the fact that neither the Cymru nor their religion are literate. The written word came later, with the Imperial Church. Who conclusively had their own agenda in the proportion of its use.

In the Imperial Church, rank generally follows the Arcani / Monk, Magi, Archon pattern previously described. Unsurprisingly for a Law based religion that’s the foundation of civilization, the ranks likewise correspond to settlement size and authority. In the Cymru faith, which is generally aligned to the Balance, status usually follows the “Aes Dana” (Bard) / “Drui” (Druid) / Arch-Druid path. Hierarchy is of little acccount, and is measured more in terms of personal relationships and fame than congregation size.

The invaders from the Holy Empire arrived on the shores of Albion approximately three to four hundred years ago. The alliance of the Cymru people and the Fair Folk goes back a millenia before that, and both groups of people are native to the islands. Gael (Fair Folk) mythology, on the other hand, claims that the Cymru aren’t native to Albion any more than the Imperials are, but arrived sometime between six hundred and nine hundred years ago.
Notably, there are Fair-Folk who still alive that can remember that far back. Some of them are worshipped as gods by the Cymru, even.

Dungeon World Specifics

Note that in Dungeon World, Bards are already Spellcasters, with the ability to pick up another three class Moves from other classes, and it only takes one of those to pick up Wizard spells. (Just like everybody besides Paladins, cleric spells are off limits).

In Dungeon World, Druids are not Spellcasters, they are shapeshifters. They have no ability to pick up Moves from other classes generally, but they do have the ability to pick up to two Moves from the Ranger list. Whether or not that would apply to “God Amidst the Wastes” as a transitive property and allow access to Cleric spells is a moot point in our setting, as Rangers can’t take that Move in the first place. Second place? Whichever.

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