Disambiguation / Disclaimer

Perilous Paths is a pseudo-historical mythic Europe campaign setting for old school dungeons and dragons. Magic is real, and timeline divergence begins in the third millennium BCE. The implication that any historical ethnic groups were more or less human (I’m looking at you, Irish / Angles and Saxons) is despicable in the real world. Which we ain’t. Implied apologies for further timey-wimey shenanignannery timeline alterations. … Continue reading Disambiguation / Disclaimer

Interior / Exterior Maps

You know what I like? Interior / Exterior maps. Like this one: I wish there were a ton of these. I wish more of them didn’t have gridlines already. But…no. OK fine. I’ll make them, then. *ponders* Maybe exports with and without gridlines. Probably an extra layer of roofs with a transparent background, so you could use them if you printed the maps out, or … Continue reading Interior / Exterior Maps

Dungeons and Dragons, spotted in the wild.

Grabbing lunch at my favorite Middle Eastern spot, working on the Druid spell list, when I slowly become aware of the conversation at the table right next to mine. Four college aged men, who could have been talking about a variety of different forms of gaming. But only one I know of has Lawful Neutral wizards, and sure enough, they confirmed they were out celebrating … Continue reading Dungeons and Dragons, spotted in the wild.

Lamentations of the Flame Princess, reviewed

Mêlée Weapons: Cestus, Garrote, Lance, Mancatcher, Polearm, Rapier, Spear, Staff, Weapon (Great, Medium, Minor, Small), Whip Lamentations of the Flame Princess, Page 27 Defeating enemies is a minor way of gaining experience. This is not a game about combat or slaying foes; these activities are simply frequent necessities in the harsh reality of the game. Characters who prefer to fight when it is unnecessary are … Continue reading Lamentations of the Flame Princess, reviewed