Disambiguation / Disclaimer

Perilous Paths is a pseudo-historical mythic Europe campaign setting for old school dungeons and dragons. Magic is real, and timeline divergence begins in the third millennium BCE.

The implication that any historical ethnic groups were more or less human (I’m looking at you, Irish / Angles and Saxons) is despicable in the real world. Which we ain’t.

Implied apologies for further timey-wimey shenanignannery timeline alterations. The church has steampunk crossbows, the holy see is in Constantinople, the god-emporer is fallen, and Offa’s dike is the rocky cliffs abutting the ocean on the Eastern boundary of Wales.

Anything that happened before 500 CE probably has an alt-historical analogue. Anything that happened later may also have one, if it’s interesting enough. Like gender equality, the moral abhorrence of slavery, free love, and the use of the stirrup by cavalry.

What can I say? I have diverse interests.

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