Bounties on offer in Bridgeford

The Garrison Commander of Bridgeford pays 5SC per small chaos-breed head (less than 1 HD – goblins, kobolds), 10SC per moderate sized chaos-breed (Brutes, Stone Goblins, Gnolls), and 15 SC per large sized chaos-breed (ogres and trolls).

The Mayor of Bridgeford pays 50SC per map for the location of cleared monster lair, contingent on the militia independently verifying such.

notices posted in Bridgeford


  1. The answer to the obvious question is 7.5/10/15 pounds.
  2. The answer to the second most obvious question is “yes, he can”.
  3. In both cases, you get issued a bank note, which can be redeemed on the next payroll run from the capital (every two weeks, mostly).
  4. Good ol “alignment”, cheerfully condoning genocide

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