Campaign Two, Story One

The Patriarch of Brycheiniog Shire has called a noble quest. The northern borderlands have been falling to Chaos for generations. The power of Chaos has only grown, especially with the loss of the Elder Temple of Law, decades ago. The temple and the nearby hamlet that supported the temple and pilgrims to the site was a significant foothold of civilization, located a dozen miles to the west of the town of Bridgeford(1).
The church is calling its clerics to clear the temple (and the hamlet) of corruption, and resanctify(2) the Altar of Light at the heart of the temple. Success brings the accolades of the church(3). For those of the faith that do not belong to a clerical order(4), a cash bounty is placed upon successfully clearing the land of evil (5), as well as a fair market value paid on any religious goods recovered from the temple (paid by Father Rhall, of the church in Bridgeford).

This is a charter for a team of adventurers to do just that.
  1. Where play starts
  2. Requires Holy Water and a Bless spell
  3. And 500 XP, for clerics.
  4. Fighters, Magic Users, Rogues…
  5. 500 Sigloi Coin, each

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