Emain Ablach 2 – Session One

Hadukanna┼í Day One (Summer) Two Clerics, a Fighter, a Magic User, and a Rogue head out west from the town of Bridgeford. A few miles away from town, the gently rolling farmland is the site of an ambush from a handful of Chaos Brutes. They kill one of the Clerics, and inflict significant “battle-axe adjacent personal injury” to the remainder of the team. Until the … Continue reading Emain Ablach 2 – Session One

Dramatis Personae (a bit)

Named characters encountered to date include: Father Rhall Albanius (Priest, mushkenu, of Law, Bridgeford) Lucia Minia Pantera (Garrison Commander, amelu by elevation, of Law, Bridgeford) Mayor Octavius Carvilius Natalis (Patrician, amelu, unknown alignment, Bridgeford) Quinta Aulia Datus (Tax-collector, amelu, of Law, Bridgeford) Cadwaladr and Iolo Casperius (Hunters, mushkenu, unaligned, Bridgeford) Reminder: player characters earn a (mushkenu) name at second level. Crib-death can happen to you. Continue reading Dramatis Personae (a bit)

Campaign Two, Story One

The church is calling its clerics to clear the temple (and the hamlet) of corruption, and resanctify(2) the Altar of Light at the heart of the temple. Success brings the accolades of the church(3). For those of the faith that do not belong to a clerical order(4), a cash bounty is placed upon successfully clearing the land of evil (5), as well as a fair market value paid on any religious goods recovered from the temple (paid by Father Rhall, of the church in Bridgeford). Continue reading Campaign Two, Story One