Langawode Rumors, 1-3

Rhodri Hughs:

  • The missing villagers are always taken after sunset, when they’re alone. Mostly, they’ve been taken when outside their homes, and those that do the taking never leave any tracks.

Elen Evans-Jones:

  • When the storms shake the mountains to the north, a dragon has been spotted circling the highest peaks.

Carwen Pritchard:

  • A group of villages that still follow the old ways meet monthly on the night of the full moon in a mysterious crumbling tower, and perform profane acts the Church would condemn them for.

One thought on “Langawode Rumors, 1-3

  1. Vin asks, “For Carwen Pritchard, did you mean *villagers*, not *villages*?”
    And yes. Yes, I did. But upon reflection:

    Rumor Hook #1
    Carwen’s been at the apple brandy again. You honestly can’t tell if she said “a group of villages” or “group of villagers”. Possibly, it was an innocent mistake. Possibly, the conspiracy is greater than you knew. In which case, was Carwen…POISONED!?!?


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