Emain Ablach Session Five

Previously on Day Nine:

A battle in the kobold sleeping quarters, investigation of a strange iron pillar, and the discovery of a secret door in a curiously tiled antechamber.


It is the sixth hour of the first Day Watch (midday approaches). The Rogues lead a search of the room behind the secret door; discovering an altar, an enchanted gemstone that lights the room, religious paraphernalia, and a mural of ebon skinned Fair-Folk performing religious rites. After verifying the secret door can be opened and closed on both sides, everyone decamps to the secret altar room, extinguishes their light sources to save fuel, and allows the cleric to rest for six hours so that they can recover spells expended earlier in the day.

Hour two, first Night Watch (just after sunset). The adventurers gather their spoils from the altar room, including the radiant gemstone. Meals and drink are consumed, lanterns are re-lit. The group departs the secret room, and continues exploring the eastern side of the great cavern(1). On the far northern edge of the cavern, a ten foot embankment and the cavern continues to the north. After a short discussion, the decision is made to continue the exploration of the western wall of this section of the cavern; looping back around to the entrance for an exhaustive search.

Unfortunately, they missed the secret door that bypassed the embankment. Meanwhile, the survivors from the kobold sleep quarter massacre have crept up from the south, and the group is overrun on both sides.

Two kobold brutes, two kobold warriors, six kobolds, and another pair of savage albino war-ferrets prove insurmountable odds for our human heroes. The cleric and one of the fighters are knocked unconscious; the other fighter and two of the rogues are slain outright. One rogue remains alive for a time, slinking into darkness to escape. But when the kobolds extinguish the humans’ lantern, the rogue is left without the ability to navigate the cavern. And enemies who can see in the dark.

A short time later, the village of Langawode is overrun by an unholy(2) alliance of kobolds, undead, and loathsome cultists; lost to the forces of chaos for a generation, at least.

  1. “But is it, Really?”
  2. It definitely is.


  • Monsters Defeated: N/A
  • Treasure Invested: N/A
  • Dangerous Areas Mapped: “The Iron Pillar”, “The Shrine”

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