The Saexa Menace, Episode Eleven


  • Presto the Wizard
  • Erdudfyl the Ranger
  • Torg the Fighter
  • Áron and Adhamh, changeling followers from Eglantine Grove.

Missing in Action

Inghinn (Elvira) the Thief; Tristan (“the poxy Bard”) the Bard; Shank (a very private person) the Thief


Play starts in the village of Ruiger Moor in Cantref Mawr

Ifan the Black, Bandit with a Bounty on his head
Wanted for banditry, slaughter, and crimes against the gods.
Ifan is new to the area, increasingly infamous.
Presto knows of a magical treasure, defended by an unnatural threat.
Rumors of the undead coming from the hills to the west. (“West” is western side of Cantref Elfael)
Undead are known to fear the sun. Some may lair underground, some may lair in dense wilderness.

The Druid Elspeth has a simple proposal for Erdudfyl. Journey to the village of Ruiger Moor, which has cut off contact with the grove for more than a week. Find out what curse afflicts the town, and if possible, resolve it. For this, the group will receive the favor of the Druids of Eglantine Grove. As assistance, two of the changeling youths (Áron and Adhamh) will provide guidance and assistance. The weather turns rough on this night of a new moon; and between gales of wind, blowing rain, and the crack of thunder, the residents of the longhouse hear screams of terror from nearby (outside).


Day 14, late afternoon. Spring Season (the Budding new moon tonight)

The curse strikes another family of peasants, leaving an empty shack and buckets of blood. Chasing down leads in the middle of the storm, one of the changeling druid guides entrusted to our heroes goes missing. And last week’s decision to discuss current events with the non-townie mercenaries protecting the manor goes nowhere.

The party gets lost in the foothills surrounding the moor, but the wizard is able to lead the group to the barrow of Queen Eimhear by casting a spell. Nearby, they find the corpse of an old friend they haven’t seen in weeks.
That can’t be good.

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