Language and Literacy in the Empire

The common (trade) tongue is Latin. In the Empire, pretty much everyone regardless of caste (including the Ardu) can speak Latin, plus whatever regional dialect is local to them. The Mushkenu (middle class) of the Empire were literate in the common tongue as well. This was one of the defining features of the Mushkenu, in fact. So, scholars and scribes and teachers may be penniless … Continue reading Language and Literacy in the Empire

Dramatis Personae (a bit)

Named characters encountered to date include: Father Rhall Albanius (Priest, mushkenu, of Law, Bridgeford) Lucia Minia Pantera (Garrison Commander, amelu by elevation, of Law, Bridgeford) Mayor Octavius Carvilius Natalis (Patrician, amelu, unknown alignment, Bridgeford) Quinta Aulia Datus (Tax-collector, amelu, of Law, Bridgeford) Cadwaladr and Iolo Casperius (Hunters, mushkenu, unaligned, Bridgeford) Reminder: player characters earn a (mushkenu) name at second level. Crib-death can happen to you. Continue reading Dramatis Personae (a bit)